my brow care

These products have been awarded the Best New British Beauty Brand 2017 which offers 100% vegan and cruelty free aftercare products to help, heal, soothe and protect inked brows and lips.

Pmu & tattoo Cleansing mist

This handy prepare and care cleansing mist is beneficial for cleansing the brows during and after tattooing, can be used by technicians and clients alike to enable the brow to heal better. Cleanse away the plasma which reduces unnecessary scabbing.

Vitamin ABCDE Balm

This aftercare balm sachet for brows is used to protect colour, prevent dryness, supports healing and promote colour retention. It is made from natural plant extracts, is 100% vegan and cruelty free and doesn’t contain any alcohol. The sachet is also resealable for multiple uses.

Care, prepare & protect kit

This beautifully presented aftercare kit includes prepare and care SPMU cleansing mist & yarrow and olive tattoo balm that you could offer your newly inked client!

Shower shield

These handy accessories help protect and keep your permanent makeup out of the water when you are bathing or showering.